For users with a valid subscription key only.

Order and payment support

All orders are processed by our e-commerce partner and global reseller Share-it. Working with a well-known payment processor handling sales for thousands of software companies world-wide has many benefits for you:

  • Secure, safe online shopping experience through reputable processors;
  • Global, multilingual sales assistance.

For all payment and subscription order related issues or questions, please contact our e-commerce partner, Share-it.

Technical support

Email us if your question is not already answered in the FAQ, or if you were unable to resolve your issue using the user guide.

Support requires a valid subscription key and is offered at a best-effort basis, in English only.

Send us an e-mail and please make sure you include the following information:

  1. Product name: Provide the full product name and version.
  2. Subscription key: Provide your issued subscription key. A valid (not expired) subscription key is required in order to receive technical support.
  3. Diagnostics File: Attach the Diagnostics File (how?) if it involves a technical issue. This information is required in order to resolve most technical issues.
  4. Description: A complete description in English of your issue / question. Also mention which steps and configuration resulted in the issue.
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