Tulip Controls Privacy Policy

Effective: November 4, 2017

Our business

Tulip Controls is strongly committed to protecting the confidential security and integrity of any information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Privacy and security is our business.


All websites of Tulip Controls do not use cookies or even any other form of session tokens.

Subscription purchase

All orders through the website of Tulip Controls are processed by e-commerce partner Share-it. Please see their privacy statement for more details.

Tulip Controls keeps the following personal information received from Share-it after your purchase of one or more subscription key(s) has completed successfully:

  • Your full name and/or company name provided by you during the purchase process
  • Your e-mail address provided by you during the purchase process
  • All subscription keys issued to you by Share-it following the purchase completion

This information is stored for the duration of the longest subscription purchased, for the sole purpose of determining if an e-mail support request is to be honored and to inform you about detected illegal use of your subscription key(s).

This information is stored on systems owned by Tulip Controls in The Netherlands and destroyed within 2 months after all your subscription periods have expired.

Barriqade Application

During installation on a device, Barriqade determines a device ID token. The sole purpose of this token is to detect illegal use of subscription keys. This token is only communicated periodically to Tulip Controls. If you are using Barriqade with a subscription key registered in the application, then Barriqade will periodically check for validity of your subscription. Subscription validation is performed by sending the registered subscription key, the version number of Barriqade and the generated device ID token to the license server.

Barriqade periodically checks for updates of the domain lists maintained by Tulip Controls by downloading a file from the barriqade.com website (or from an Amazon CloudFront directory - a content distribution network). In this process the current version number of the installed Barriqade instance is communicated from your device.

Update to this policy

This Privacy Statement may change at any time without notice. All updates will be posted on this page.

Contact information

Please direct legal notices or other correspondence to legal@tulipcontrols.com.