Report a bug

This page assumes you'd like to inform us about a possible bug in Barriqade by collecting enough information to file a useful bug report. Thank you very much!

Prepare a bug report

Before you start sending us information about a bug, we kindly ask you to check and validate the following steps:

  1. Make sure your software is up to date.
  2. Figure out the steps to reproduce a bug.
  3. Check if you can reproduce the bug on a device with a clean installation of Barriqade. If the bug only happens on your device, try to figure out what settings and network configuration are needed to reproduce the bug.
  4. If you have multiple issues, please file separate bug reports.

Outline of a bug report

Send us a bug report and please make sure you include the following information:

  • Summary: How would you describe the bug in less than 100 characters? It should quickly and uniquely identify a bug report as well as briefly explain the problem, not your suggested solutions. Good: "Saving settings in Barriqade Control Center causes it to crash", Bad: "Barriqade Control Center crashes"
  • Component: In which sub-part of the software does it exist? Mention if the bug occurs in Barriqade Control Center, the Agent, or Service application. If none seems appropriate, mention "Unknown subset of components".
  • Version: select the earliest version of Barriqade with what the problem can be reproduced
  • OS: On which operating system (OS) did you find it?
  • Steps to Reproduce: Easy-to-follow steps that will trigger the bug. If necessary, make sure to include any special configuration steps.
  • Actual Results: What the application did after performing the above steps. An example would be: The application crashed.
  • Expected Results: What the application should have done, were the bug not present.
  • Diagnostics File: If possible, attach the Diagnostics File (how?).
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