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The all-in-one domain filter

Blocking malware, phishing and advertisement serving domains and websites in every app.

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Control which domains you want to block.

Blocks bad domains

Where traditional antivirus solutions try to remove an infection after it happens, Barriqade stops you visiting websites distributing malware in the first place. It actually blocks so much more than just such domains.

Protects your privacy

Barriqade protects your privacy by blocking your entire device from contacting known advertisement, marketing and online tracking services. If your device is unable to contact those tracking services, then they won't be able to track your online activity.

Every browser, every app

Because Barriqade applies domain name (DNS) filtering on your device, it is able to filter every attempted domain visit made by any browser, application and even by Microsoft Windows itself.

Why Barriqade?

Traditional ad blockers

Let's assume you want to block all your browsers, apps and even Windows from visiting malware distributing, or phishing domains. You could try your traditional ad blocker browser plugin to block some domains. However, that ad blocker is usually limited to blocking just ads in one particular browser. It does not block the many known bad domains that are not related to ads.

And what about telemetry and tracking services used by apps and Microsoft Windows? How are you going to block those with a traditional ad blocker? Your traditional ad blocker cannot help you here...

Barriqade is the solution

Barriqade is a small application that reviews all your device's domain visits against a number of blacklists and your own domain filtering rules. If the domain name being requested is blacklisted, then the domain visit is blocked. Barriqade can therefore be seen as a DNS firewall that is capable of filtering so much more than a classical ad blocker browser plugin can.

barriqade (noun) : a virtual barricade to stop people going to undesirable domains.


Most Ad Blockers Barriqade
Blocks Ads
Blocks Ad-blocker detection services -
Blocks Malware, Ransomware, Phishing -
Blocks Cryptojacking -
Blocks Software Telemetry Services -
Supports all your browsers and Windows applications -
Allows detailed insights into visited domains -
Offers on-device caching of DNS responses, reducing latency -
Quality of lists of domains Low High

So much more than an ad blocker.

Block ads

Block over 60-thousand domains known to serve ads and user tracking mechanisms - following you from website to website. It even blocks common cookie notification and ad-blocker detection services.

Block ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that threatens to perpetually block access to your files, unless a ransom is paid. Barriqade blocks notorious domains used to distribute ransomware.

Stop crypto-jacking

Crypto-jacking is defined as the secret use of your computing device to mine cryptocurrency for someone else. Some websites use scripts to let your browser do such mining while you visit their site. Barriqade blocks those scripts that are usually served from specific domains.

Block regions

Did you know internet domains ending with .su belong to the Soviet Union? Barriqade allows you to block all domains in any region of your choosing.

Your rules

Add your own domain filtering rules with ease. Also, you can easily make exceptions to any rule at any time.

Domain log

See all the (blocked) domain visits made by all your apps, including Microsoft Windows.


Want to be informed when Barriqade blocks a specific domain? No problem; Barriqade will show you a notification, if you want.

Quickly (un)block

Unblock a domain that is blocked by Barriqade, or temporarily disable domain filtering altogether with just a few clicks.


Improve your internet browsing speed by stopping your browsers from visiting domains you do not want to visit and by having Barriqade store local copies of DNS responses. The result: your pages and apps load quicker, saving you time (and disruptions).


A simple dashboard with great graphs allows you to quickly see which domains you visited to most, which domain visits were blocked the most and the distribution of the visited domains per geographical region.


Define if every user is allowed to make changes to domain filtering, or if it should be limited to system administrators.


We maintain a number of lists with bad domains, so you don't have to. You automatically receive updates to these lists.